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Rubella WP


Virus-like particles: A practical alternative to cultured rubella virus. 

The diagnosis and management of infectious diseases is critical in the modern medical landscape. Factors such as emerging pathogens, mounting antimicrobial resistance, increasing world travel and changing lifestyles have added layers of complexity to controlling and containing infections. The aim of this whitepaper is to discuss the mechanisms, applications and benefits of VLPs in research and development, and the potential that these inactive virus particles hold for
improving the diagnosis and prevention of rubella.

The whitepaper will cover:

  • The background and evolution of virology;
  • The production and mechanisms of VLPs;
  • The Native Antigen Company’s VLP portfolio;
  • Potential applications of VLPs in research and development; and
  • The specific application of VLPs for the diagnosis and management of rubella.